The world is ending today – Harold Camping Interview.

Judgement Day 2011 part 2. Yes, it’s the 21st October and we’re all going to die. Except the faithful of course, who will be enjoying a post-rapture spritzer and heavenly appetizers come the much awaited end of world. According to Harold Camping, that is, who has predicted the world would end at least three times in the past.

After interviewing the pock-marked volcano-brain a few times before, I decided to book an interview for the day before the real, real, no really judgment day to see what he had to say this time. In between spooking soft-brained listeners with his radio network, and getting his best “time to meet Jesus” clothes out of the attic (again), he took time from his busy end of the day before the end of days to speak with me.

Ron: So the world is going to end again tomorrow?

Harold: That’s what it says in my interpretation of the Bible. It’s all in there.

Ron: You realize that some people are a little skeptical – you’ve said this before.

Harold: Well you never have true success until you learn from your failures. I was wrong before.

Ron: And the time before that?

Harold: That’s right. I hold my hand up to that too. I was wrong, and I learned that I was calculating a little catty-wumpass.

Ron: Some people say that it’s irresponsible to prey on the weak minded who believe you every time. There are people who had stopped working, and are walking the streets with placards saying to seek salvation.

Harold: There’s a freedom of religion in this constitution, buddy. You don’t sound like you know too much about freedom.

Ron: There’s a freedom of stupidity more like.

At this point Harold hung up on me. I tried calling back. Maybe he went to heaven in a little rowing boat.

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