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In this chapter, our protagonist explains that he doesn’t care who pays him for having a banner on his site, and implies that clicks equals money, so beware of what you click on, lest you fund my lifestyle. That said, all opinions are my own, and no-one has successfully bought a good review yet. Then again, no-one has given me a 2019 Golf-R and said, “Drive your family about in this, see what you think, and if you write a nice review, feel free to hang onto it”. Yet.

If you’re looking for the place where you find out the best way not to get ripped off renting a car online, look over there. Otherwise, read on McDuff.

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This page is a list of affiliate links for things that people want to buy. If you click on them and follow through with the order, it allows me to test my affiliate accounts. It also allows my kids to go to college, eat an extra serving of gruel etc.
My understanding is that for me to be credited with any funds, this is what you need to do:

1. Click on the amazon link below – to the Life of Brian DVD.

2. Shop at amazon as you would normally – buy whatever you need.

3. Check out and pay as normal. I advocate buying Life of Brian

4. Sit back and wait for your order to be fulfilled, basking in the knowledge that justice has been done. I’ll get 0.002 pence possibly.

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