World Ending Tomorrow?

The Underworld is Waiting

Edit: It looks like meat’s back on the menu boys, it’s December 20th 2012 and the world is going to end again tomorrow. So all of those things you thought you had better do before the world ended last year? Do those again. If they’ll let you out of solitary for long enough. And what are you doing online in solitary?

Edit: The world didn’t end in May 2011 as far as I can tell. But it is going to end tomorrow on October 21st 2011. S’true. See what time the world is ending if you don’t believe me.

By the time you read this, on May 20th 2011, the world will be officially ending tomorrow. That’s what scrote-faced  Harold Camping has been saying since just before he predicted the world would end in 1994. In a book entitled 1994? he also claimed that no man could know the day and time of the end of the world, though now he says that it’s going to be 6pm on May 21st 2011. He must have got a bit of clarity in the interim 16 years, or maybe he read it on the internet.

Prince partied like it was 1999, and then had to figure out what to do in 2000, and James Bond’s tomorrow never died until Pierce Brosnan went the way of Roger Moore. So where does this leave the Camping franchise the day after Judgment Day fails to materialize? I guess there’s room for another book about how he got it wrong again. Or maybe he’ll skip his own personal Armageddon courtesy of a bishop with a vacuum cleaner and some psychedelic mushrooms.

Interestingly there is a 500 person music venue called the Underworld below a pub in Camden called the World’s End which has been a pub for longer than the United States of America has been a country. Maybe Mr. Camping could don a bit of black PVC and some eyeliner and head down to see Hundredth there on May 22nd. After all, in their press release, Hundredth are described as “is one of the most intense and emotionally-driven bands you will see in 2010”. I’m sure Harold is as curious as I am about how they perform in 2011.

15 thoughts on “World Ending Tomorrow?”

  1. noisemaker

    hey….ma point of view…
    i dont believe this man at all!!! there is nothing like the world is to end TOMORROW!! i dont even know where he gets all these predictions from :S….all false…in fact i cant wait for toworrow to come, God willing, to prove that man wrong by the end of the day!
    its mentioned in holy books, that none other then God knows of the day of judgement, no human can say when so! and yes, its also said, to take place on a Friday, around 4pm! thats fo sure!
    whay year? what date? what month? NO ONE KNOWS! en no one can tell so too!!!


  2. I think that man has already proved himself wrong so many times, that it doesn’t require belief in a super-being to be fairly sure the world won’t end tomorrow.

    1. It was a blast. All I had to do is believe and convince you to believe, and tomorrow wouldn’t have to be the end. It’s not too late.

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  4. So 6pm ur time? cuz ur freaking crazy! noone knows when the world is going to end! only God knows! so stop ranting on about it! ur were wrong the first and now this time!

  5. Marissa Jones

    GODS NOT REAL!!!!!! Nor is hell or heaven. Ever heard of science? Evolution? We were once just a bunch of apes running wild. The big bang theory? Nebulas created planets, not some all high mighty god who did it in seven days.

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  7. this is really rubbish about end of world news. only Allah knows about that, because some memento of resurrection remaining, mentioned in holy Qur’aan .so i don’t believe the rubbish news.

    1. Rubbish is as rubbish does. I’m afraid I haven’t read your holy book, but I am glad that you find comfort and security in it, and that it frees you up from worrying about the end of the world.

  8. I’m sorry but its been a whole year and I’m still alive. Sorry to burst your bubble… But you know…

    1. How do you know that you’re alive, and that you’re not dreaming, or that in a parallel universe, you haven’t already died? The good news is that you probably believe in a single universe, and that sooner or later, your understanding of the world will end. Actually, in retrospect, that probably isn’t good news.

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