I want to give money to Austin Children’s Shelter – please help

I don’t know what came over me. I was fooling around with a video about Halloween at Mueller, and I was thinking of the hundreds of candied up kids celebrating in costumes around and about. Sure, you could argue that Mueller represents the privileged few – based on the home prices, and ignoring the affordable program out there.

What was I trying to do with the video when I started? I’m not sure. Probably show off my London Taxi, possibly have a bit of fun dressing up, and more than likely just fiddling around with video editing. So it was all fun and japes, and then I suddenly thought of the other end of the ‘hood. More specifically, the Austin Children’s Shelter. I’d donated in the past at some point, and so I get their newsletter, which I scarcely read if truth be told, as newsletters have that effect on me.

And then I though, hey, why don’t I send money to the Austin Children’s Shelter if someone watches my video. Then I would feel better about myself, the world, and so forth. So I came up with a random number – $0.25 per view by 11/1/2011. That sounds reasonable. The average video I make gets somewhere between 1 and 300 views, so it wouldn’t be an unreasonable amount to donate.

Then I thought, why don’t I share the video with more people to see if that gets more money donated? So here I am. Watch the video if you have a moment, and feel free to forward it if you don’t: http://youtu.be/LGYYVxl_jYg

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