Who is Ron Malibu?

I’m an English type who lived in Mueller, Austin TX for a while, and now calls Nottingham “home”

Here’s a photo of one of my favorite people trying to pull a taco out of an elephant we built. I can’t really explain it, I just think it sums things up nicely

Ron Malibu was born just after the turn of the century in a bar in Mexico, and is actually the French phrase for light rum which tickled me no end when I turned over the bottle to discover this. First I had to drain the bottle, so pretty much anything tickled me at the time.

Ron was born in a transitional phase of my life, shortly before a quick round the world trip which started the end of my work life. I took three years off the working, and ended up in Austin, Texas. Which was pretty much a shocker to me, but then you’ve not met my Texan wife.

Ron took a sabbatical from writing for fun and pleasure, and instead focused on professional blogs. By professional I don’t mean that I get paid for them, I mean that that I strive to appear like someone you’d want to work with, rather than a gun-slinging, Belgian Triple drinking circus performer, or whatever the hell I style myself in my mind’s eye.

Or a dad about to buy a mini-van. I have  a blog for that too.

And yes, I dream of a drag-racing, tire smoking, turbo-nutter minivan that the family wears crash helmets to drive in. But it will probably be a Honda Odyssey.

So I started writing again for fun, though that’s not to say that you can’t send me money if you like.

You can bribe me, send me things, and flatter me. They will all get you a long way, as taco-pooping elephants don’t pay for themselves, and I like money, “you know, for kids”.

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