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The French find it insulting if you do it to them. The British swear by it. A band called Red Lorry Yellow Lorry named an album after it: talk about the weather.

My weather report today shows clouds over the green connection, while temperatures maintain seasonal average increases on the featuredblog. The real scorcher has increased by 1680% since last year.

There are many sites out there that report statistics in one way or another – whether it be weather, stocks, sales data. And the weather man of the site has to come up with interesting prose which discusses a dip of two points on the Squelch Index. Me, I’m a numbers and charts type. I can do without the enthusiastic reporting of numbers.

Anyhoo, I am quite excited to see one of my sites is faring quite well. Ironically it’s a site where I talk about market statistics. With charts and graphs and things.

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