London Taxi Clutch

Like the steering wheel in a pirate’s pants, google is drivin’ me nuts. When the would-be home mechanic wanting to work on a London Black Cab looks up clutch, he finds a feast of handbags and not a mess of gears and plates.

Every time I look up FX4 I get stinking Ford trucks rammed down my throat.

The simplest thing would be to give the people at a call and get the right parts and the manual delivered. They’re in Dallas, and they seem to know what they’re talking about.

I have to believe that someone out there on the interwebs has changed a clutch on an FX4 and tell me some basic things like where it is and what it looks like.

After watching a 2 minute video of “how a clutch works“, I guess I could look for a flywheel and start undoing things bolts and see what comes off. From what I can tell I’m looking for a master cylinder, a slave cylinder, a clutch plate and a clutch cover assembly. Oh, and I’m supposed to hoist the engine up with some string thrown over the garage door opener.

How hard can it be? <– famous last words. Expect cussing and bellowing from the garage next week.

4 thoughts on “London Taxi Clutch”

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  3. Hello there. Did you change your black can clutch?? I am now at the same point your were when writing the above post, any advice or guidance would be wonderful! All I’m getting is ford trucks too!

    1. I did! My advice is to make sure the parts fit before you put it on! The hardest thing was getting it all centralized on the shaft – I used masking tape wrapped around a broom handle which I shoved into the engine.

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