What time is the world ending today?

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Following on from the popular answer to, what time is the world ending tomorrow, I’m putting something together for May 21st readers:

What time is the world ending today? Quite simply at 6pm local time if you believe what arse-faced Christian radio mogul Harold Camping has been saying lately. Of course, if today isn’t the twenty first day of May, and you’re still reading this, then I can’t really help you.

Why it is important to know the exact time? Well humans by their very nature are procrastinators, so there’s a great deal of things to get in order before the world as we know it disappears with a slurping noise, air-born do-goders [sic] and a wisp of smoke. So do you have time to watch one more Oprah show from the DVR before the big come-uppance? Yes, if you fast forward through the commercials and start by 5:12pm local time.

What does Stephen Hawking think? The Hawkster said in a recent interview with the Guardian that he thought that heaven was a “fairy tale for people who are scared of the dark.” It’s a fair bet that the Hawkman – Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, University of Cambridge doesn’t think the world is necessarily going to end at 6pm.

What did John Lennon think? Aggressive Mancunian ex-Beatle Lennon was famous for encouraging people to imagine that there wasn’t a heaven. While this doesn’t necessarily exclude the world ending at 6pm on a Saturday, it certainly wouldn’t involve people being spirited into the sky at the appointed hour. For the record, John’s end of world was at 10:50pm.

As the venerable clock-sporting hype man from Public Enemy told us repeatedly, “What time is it?”.

For all you procrastinators out there I’d say it’s time to get busy.

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