Why is the world ending?

Fudge on the Cogs as SpectralJerk used to say

When some prune-cheeked giffer declares the world is going to end, people suddenly start to ask why. A more sensible question might be, “Why are so many people listening to dessicated Christian radio broadcasters?”, but who needs sensible when you’ve got the interweb.

The world is quite clearly going to end, and not for anything related to invisible deities having some kind of tupperware parties and inviting their closest 1.2 billion friends to ascend naked it to it with only what they can carry in their two arms. The end of the world is nigh as the internet is getting full. Full of nonsense and gibberish. Poorly researched facts and half-believed truths.

The internet is clogged with plagiarism and advertising and not as much filth as you’d think. Most people consider the filth to be the pornographic sites which suck the life and turgidity out of so many idle hands and minds, thrusting the larger populace into a post-tumescent torpor at any hour of the day and night. But it’s not them. It’s the bloggers. All type and no trousers.

And when the internet fills up, and it will, there will suddenly be the realization that all of the resources put into sustaining this unwieldy collection of photos and diaries would have better been spent on solving the problem of resource starvation in which the dribbling masses find themselves the key actors.

The world is ending as too many people are typing “Why is it?” into google. And that’s why we’re here right now. To stop and rest and consider what we’ve done. Take nothing but ROFLS, leave nothing but “thumbs ups”.

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