The World is Ending Tomorrow – October 21st 2011

Judgement Day for Peter

After all the kerfuffle about the world ending on May 21st, many people discredited crispy lettuce-faced Harold Camping – the part-time evangelist and full-time crack smoker. Although for most of us the world didn’t come to an abrupt halt five months ago, Camping is now claiming that Judgement Day is tomorrow. Again.

How many people are stocking up on canned goods and twinkies? Probably even less than last time. There’s a crucial difference in the addled mind of a serious bible thumper between the Rapture and the End of The World. During the rapture, Camping became ill. Presumably he’s going to pop his clogs and shuffle off the mortal part of his rusty coil.

Me, I don’t see any brimstone and horns in my future, but I decided to check on Harold’s reasoning. The dates of the end of history are all geared around his interpretation of the bible. I take a look at the bible, and call me a heretic, but I see the tall tales of some bronze-age goat-herders. And I don’t mean any disrespect to goat herders. All I’m saying is that I tell my kids the story about Peter and the Wolf, and think that Harold’s third stab at ending history on a given date is probably another steaming pile of wolf excrement.

Of course, when I tell the story, the Wolf shows up on the third shout, so maybe I should start going to Las Vegas, have my first drink in 122 days and party like it’s Y2K time again – a great time to make money by fearmongering insecure IT system managers. It’s May 21st all over again.

4 thoughts on “The World is Ending Tomorrow – October 21st 2011”

  1. No where in the bible it states that today or may 21st the world isn’t going to end. For you to say the bible is full of tall tales because of some idiot saying the bible says this and that and the numbers add up to this is ignorant and maybe Mr. Journalist know it you shouldn’t assume things too quick. This guy is probably part of a CULT. So go ahead have your opinion but don’t say the bible is full of tall tales and try to tell everyone that the bible is fake because of this wack job named Harold Camping.

    1. I’m so sorry that I gave the impression I thought the bible was full of tall tales just because of Mr. Camping. Have you read the bible? Much of what happens in it does appear to me, based on my understanding of reality, to be quite “out there”. Of course, one could argue that I’m part of a cult too.

  2. Correction: No where in the bible does it say that the world will end tomorrow or May 21st*

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