Man Who Was Wrong About the World Ending

Strike Two! Harold Camping was wrong about the world ending on May 21st – again. After getting it wrong in 1994, and despite claims in a recent interview that he was dead sure it would all kick off on Saturday, he loused up.

It can’t be easy predicting the end of the world, in the same way that predicting the time you’ll die is quite hard unless you commit suicide or are put to death by one of the backward penal systems of the world. It must be much harder to predict an apocalypse which will affect the entire globe, so perhaps Harold deserves a little bit of leeway.

Or perhaps not. Maybe Mr. Camping just needs a little less airtime, so there aren’t 18.8 million people binging phrases like “what time us the world ending tomorrow?”. Interestingly only a handful of people searched for “did the world end yesterday?”. Hard to tell for those sporting the Sunday morning costume de rigeur – the hangover. Sometimes the zombies aren’t apparent with dark sunglasses and a raging thirst. Either way it would be perhaps a better world if Mr. Camping kept his thoughts to himself and his Christian radio network. And thrill-seekers like me didn’t spread his ludicrous word far and wide.

In lighter news, the world for Mr. Camping’s reputation probably has ended. It wasn’t video that killed the radio star, it was a track record of spouting utter bunkum.

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