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1967 London Black Cab for Sale in Texas

I’ve decided to sell it. My black cab is for sale. [update – it sold! but here’s another London Black Taxi for sale in the USA] It’s a riot – it really has been fun. I’ve enjoyed the wrestling with clutches, figuring out how to get it inspected, and show-boating about in it.

Mueller Taxi

Taxi posing at Mueller

Most of my friends tell me I should keep it forever, and they’re right -I’ve always wanted one since I got to the United States, more so when I start to get homesick in the summer. I say homesick, I probably just mean “want to be anywhere further away from the Equator than here” sick.

There’s nothing wrong with it – I’ve got it into a condition where it starts, goes and stops right on cue, and it’s the shiniest it’s been in a long while. Check out the latest photos of my London Taxi. I half heartedly put an ad on craigslist a week ago, and showed it to a few people this week.

If you know anyone who wants to get an unusual Christmas present for the friend who has everything, a working London Cab is my suggestion.

Black Cab

Shiny black cab

$5,000 and it’s yours – drop me a line.

Fun facts about my taxi:

  • 2.2l Leyland diesel engine
  • 4 speed manual transmission
  • New clutch and a squillion other things
  • It lived in a museum for 25 years
  • It has suicide doors and jump seats
  • There are advertisements for cigarettes in the back
  • There’s a parts place in Dallas TX
  • It’s older than my sister

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  • Jeff 2012/06/10, 10:22

    Whats the MPG on this thing? I would love to have it but im not big on diesel.

    • ronmalibu 2012/06/18, 15:27

      If I had to guess Jeff, and since this is my blog I guess I have to, I’d say 30 mpg. A number I just pulled out of the air for the under-powered 4 cylinder tractor engine.

  • A. MacArthur 2012/08/09, 17:37

    I have 1967 Austin FX4. I live in CA and the car has been my daily driver for 12 years. The 55 MPH top speed of the car due to its tiny diesel engine made it impractical for freeway driving, so I installed a Chevrolet V8 engine with a GM automatic transmission, and changed the entire rear axle & differential assembly to a Ford unit. I drive the car on the freeways at 65 MPH, and it does so effortlessly. If you really like the car and are selling it because the engine makes it impractical, you can convert it as I have done.

    • ronmalibu 2012/08/13, 12:01

      That’s cool – the reason I sold the car was that I didn’t need a car without AC in my texas garage. I like the idea that you have put a V8 in there – with the extra power, there’s probably an easy AC accessory belt too. Glad to see you’ve kept yours on the road.

      • Johnny Smith 2015/02/06, 09:19

        I am looking for some body parts for a FX4 london taxi, I need a left front door, booth lid, tail light right rear , head lights and grille. Any help would be great. Johnny.

        • Josh 2015/10/03, 08:39

          Call me jimmy. I have those parts. 8596449222. Josh

    • Michael Scott 2017/12/10, 17:24

      Thinking of buying a non-running 67 and having the same sort of engine/tranny swap done. Did you do your own work? If not, who did it for you? I’m in Westminster, Ca. Where are you and your taxi? Any info would be appreciated. Contact me at 360-395-8074 or mscott2102@gmail.com. Thanks

  • Mike Howington 2012/08/12, 19:02

    Have you sold the car? Please let me know.

    Email or call/text. 972-743-2126

  • Joe 2012/09/11, 13:43

    Hi – saw your ad for the FX4. I imported a 82 (95) Fairway Driver from London Taxi Exports last year and family circumstances necessitates that I sell it. It’s mechanically doing very well after a full going over before shipping. Bodywise is acceptable…looking quite nice but needing to be watched closely at door bottoms. All wings are new fiberglass replacements. It also has a new A/C unit, new tires, brakes, exhaust and cooling system. Starts first time everytime and cruises nicely at 65 on the Nissan 2.7D. I’m not sure what to ask for it or where the best place would be to sell it. I’ve seen them on ebay but most of them are pretty worn out and sold at a much lower price than what I paid LTE to fix it up and get it to me. Do you have any suggestions?>?>

    • ronmalibu 2012/09/11, 14:39

      Hey Joe, sorry to hear of your woe and need to sell.
      Taxi pricing in the US is all over the place – I’d have to take a look at some photos to give a guess. You’re welcome to post your cab here – I find that has helped some people (like me!) sell london cabs. I’ll shoot you an email with some ideas too.

  • mike 2012/11/08, 15:08

    Hello, if you still have your London Taxi for sale please let me know ,my cell# (360)420-4413 ,thank you .

    • ronmalibu 2012/11/09, 15:51

      I don’t have mine, but there are a few folk up in NJ who have them to sell…

  • lee rich 2013/02/12, 10:24

    That is a real bargain. I have been in a restoration of my London Cab for about six months and have now spent over $13000.00. Does anyone know of a supplier who has the kit to convert it from drums to disc brakes?

    • Ron Malibu 2013/03/07, 13:06

      Hey Lee – I bet a quick call to the guys in Dallas – Kip Motor at (972) 243-0440 – would get you on the right track.

      I read this advice in a classic car mag the other day – buy the best possible condition classic car you can – it’s far cheaper than doing it yourself. Which implies that if you do the restoration yourself, you’ll only be able to sell at a loss. OF course, it’s not all about the money – that’s just one aspect of things.

  • Ray 2013/06/04, 18:29

    I just love the FX4 body style. I always wanted one when back home in England, and even more so when I got to the USA. I finally got a London Sterling about 4 years, or so ago. This one has the Ford Mustang engine, and box in it. Still stops on drum brakes which certainly stop a lot better now which the new shoes fitted about 6 months ago.
    I had some restoration work done to it when I first got the vehicle, but it still needs some work. It does have air conditioning which is a plus. Fitted with electric windows.
    I just love driving this around town. I’ve done a few weddings in it, and everyone just wants their pictures taken with it wherever it goes. It’s been in some publications, and has been on local television here in Kansas City several times over the years.
    However, I do have it up for sale now.
    It is a rare vehicle, and is number 49 in the London Sterling list of 100 vehicles sent over here in 1986.
    Even with the Mustang 4 pot engine it gets 25 in town. It’s not a racer like many of the old taxis which is fine with me.

    Take a look at my website of when I first got the vehicle at: http://www.londontaxikc.com Newer pictures of after the restoration can be found at: http://www.londonscarriagekc.com

    London Taxi Exports have been a great source of parts for me, and have worked out much cheaper than most other places on various occasions.
    I’ve used Kip Motors before, but much prefer dealing with Doug at LTE.

    I do have some parts for sale. Rear screen, rear quarter glass, chrome front bumper plus some more…

    • Johnny Smith 2015/01/14, 12:32

      I have a 87 London Sterling Limo also, it is in great shape, been inside most of its life used for weddings and special occasions. Thinking of selling just wondering what it might bring. This car looks as good as new. It is missing one hub cap. Thanks. Johnny.

    • Johnny Smith 2015/01/23, 12:53

      I have a 87 London Sterling in great condition, i need a hub cap or a set. If you can help let me know. I am thinking of selling it. Thanks Johnny.

    • Johnny Smith 2015/02/06, 09:27

      Do you know where i can get some body parts for a FX4 taxi. Need left front door, booth lid, grille, head lights and tail lights. I have a London Sterling Limo in Excellent shape if you know some one who wants one. Thanks. Johnny.

  • Ray 2013/06/15, 13:44

    Well, my old London has been sold. I’m sorry to see it go, but it’s going to another Brit out in Boston.
    I’m on the lookout for a fairway with the Nissan diesel in it. If anyone has one, or knows of where I can find one then please let me know. Here’s my number: 816 600 7276.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Ian Sinclair 2013/12/29, 08:40

      Hi Ray we’re in Western Australia and have a white 1986 Nissan diesel fairway with wheelchair access and ramps for sale, $22000 Australian (I think thats less than $20k American). Very good condition, brakes need pads and shoes, 5 speed 2.7 Nissan, uni-joints need replacing, currently registered here in Oz. $22000 Aus is sale price. Shipping is buyers resposibility.

    • Johnny Smith 2015/01/19, 13:22

      What is a 87 London Sterling Limo worth in great shape? Thanks for any help.

  • Sam Wexler 2013/10/16, 21:54

    Need help have a 1965Austin fx4d second owner need tires have 5.75×16. On car one went flat and lost bead original tires so old will a new radial fit or where can I get bias ply thanks

  • matthew gissen 2014/07/04, 01:55

    Looking for a London Cab. Any idea where I may find one for sale? Thanks

    • ronmalibu 2014/09/08, 02:21

      Posting here is a good start, and then checking on the other people’s posts!

  • Heather 2015/04/07, 07:30

    I have a 1967 London cab for sale in Ma our family car for about 40 years

  • Wendy Higginbotham 2015/09/19, 19:37

    I am interested in your taxi. Where is it and an we come look at it?

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