Some Photos of My Austin FX4 Cab

It’s ironic that I used to live in London and now I live in Austin and have a car that’s made by Austin that used to live in London. I’m gibbering about my new (to me) Austin FX4 Taxi.

London Cab
London Cab in Austin

I’d love to have taken more photos but it’s been stewing in my garage for the last week. The first of two times it was out was during the tow truck ride over here.

Delivering Taxi
The taxi's taxi unloads

The second was when a friend came over to take it for a spin and tell me that I wasn’t a complete idiot and that they all sound like a sack of rocks and spanners in a tumble dryer when first started.

London FX4 Grill
The grill on my Austin FX4

So here are the photos from the ad from which I decided to buy the cab.

Black Cab Rear
1967 Black Cab Boot

Looking at the ad photos a second time, it looks a lot more shiny in the photos than it does in real life. But it’s got a beautiful body. I mean, it’s in great shape – there’s no rust on the body panels and there’s scarcely any rust on the sills below the doors. That could be due to it being in a museum for a few decades and in garages after that.

If you know anyone who wants to buy a 1967 Austin FX4, get in touch. We have three cars, two drivers and no driveway to park in. Somethings got to give. My neighbors have been very patient with our other two cars on the street so far.

8 thoughts on “Some Photos of My Austin FX4 Cab”

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  2. I have bought a 1963 Austin taxi today. It need quite some work to get in good nick again. I need to speak to someone to give me some advise in terms of pricing , restoration and parts availability.

    1. Congratulations! The place I’ve found for spares in the US is I got a service manual from eBay, and I’m looking for useful sites for help and assistance.

  3. Let me know if it’s still for sale, what you’re
    asking for it and how it runs.



    1. Sure it’s still for sale. I’m asking $6500 (Which means I would take $6500). It runs like a 1967 car! I wouldn’t like to drive it on the highway, but it starts, stops, goes around corners. Let me know if you want more info.

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