1975 London Taxi For Sale in Virginia

I’m always excited when someone sends in their pictures of a London Black Cab restoration project, and I’ve just got my hands on some more photos which I included at the end! This one came in as a comment on another London Taxi for sale post, and after a quick email, Cynthia sent me these pictures. It looks from the pictures like a great restoration which was carried out in 2005, and it’s married to the indestructible Nissan diesel engine which can run around the clock for decades in much harsher conditions than Virginia. If this one has been babied as the owner suggests, it would make a great minivan or weekend car.


1975 Style Black Cab For Sale

This is what the owner has to say.

SOLD!For Sale: London Taxi – $12000

Update: This one sold before Christmas 2013, so about 8 months later. Phew. Long lead time on selling and buying taxis folks!

Great, fun car! Always gets heads turning. Would make a great addition to your business or just to have and enjoy. 1975 Austin style with Nissan diesel  TD27 engine. Refurbished in 2005 including new paint, upholstery, headlining, and carpet and garage kept since.

Here’s another photo of the interior – it’s a right-hand drive of course – just look at the shine on that steering wheel:

Oooh shiny

If you do get in touch, tell her that you found it on LongPassage.com. I don’t get paid or anything – all this is just for fun – it’s just nice to get feedback when people do actually find their future taxis here.

If I can give one piece of advice about buying a black cab or any classic or vintage vehicle it would be this: if you want to be economical, make sure that it’s already been refurbished well. In essence, any money you spend on fixing it up is going to be two or three times what you would spend on having a car that’s already fixed. That might be okay if you want to put some personal style into the job, but not if you want it to look original.


Also, given that these vehicles originated on the rainy streets of London, check for rust. Sure you’re going to find it, but how much? The bottom of the door sills is one common area to find extensive filler, so check the quality of the work or you’ll be in for a maintenance nightmare! I saw photos of the sills on this can in Virginia, and they look pretty clean – it doesn’t take long to tap them or hold a clean magnet nearby to see what they’re made of.


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  3. Hi Cynthia and Ron,

    Do either of you know of anyone else in Virginia or North Carolina who has a London black cab? My fiancé and I both live in London but I grew up in Hampton Roads and we will be having the wedding there. We’re really hoping to incorporate touches of our London life into the wedding next fall and would love to find a black cab for the day. If either of you can help point us in the right direction, we’d really appreciate it!

    1. Hey Ashley – I’m going to send you an email with someone who may have some suggestions!

      Oh, and congratulations!


  4. Hi
    We are looking for a London Taxi. We want to purchase it around May, 2015.
    Does anyone have one for sale?
    We are in Seattle, but can pick it up from any state on the mainland.

    1. Johnny Smith

      I have a 87 London Sterling Limo They made about 80-100 total, this car is in great shape and has been inside most of its life. I am thinking on selling it. It is a great car and is RARE. They made some taxis and some limos. I can send a picture to your e-mail or phone number, let me know. It is Black with a padded top and blue interior. It has been used for weddings and special events.

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