1984 London Taxi for Sale in New Jersey – Austin FX4

I miss my old black cab, so when Tess got in touch saying that she is parting with her pristine 1984 London Black Cab, my ears pricked up and my palms got sweaty. I spoke to Tess on the phone last night, and here’s what I gleaned about the vehicle.

Tess imported the car herself in 1989, which means it only had about four years on the streets of England. If I’m not mistaken, it looks like a 1984 FX4. This is good news – it means it’s not the Carbodies FX4R with the Rover engine. Sorry British engineering, but I much prefer the LTI. That said, I don’t see the indicator on the steering column, and some of switches on the dash aren’t rocker switches.

It looks like it has been fully restored – and it has spent much time being bought up to spec. It has been repainted, and then repainted again to make it perfect. The interior looks nice, and apparently while it has a newer upholstered seat for the driver, the original seat conveys too.

Here’s what Tess has to say about it:

1984 London Cab

  • Austin
  • Diesel
  • Very rarely used – in Mint condition
  • Well maintained for 23 years by Coachworks on Kinderkamack Rd. in River Edge, NJ. Coachworks specializes in auto services for Rolls Royce and Bentley cars.
  • Touring car white walls
  • Beautiful paint job
  • New upholstered driver’s seat (original black leather seat – poor condition but we have it)
  • Pull down rear area seats
  • Retro fitted Rolls Royce back seat safety belts
  • Suicide doors
  • Working pull up windows
  • Purchased in York, England and shipped from South Hampton in 1989
  • Complete US papers and registration

If you’re interested in taking a look, you can contact Tess at 201 445 7302. If I were in New Jersey, I would have bought it by now – it looks like no expense has been spared. Here are the photos I have.



18 thoughts on “1984 London Taxi for Sale in New Jersey – Austin FX4”

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  4. Hi mate, does Tess have an email address I can contact her on? Engine looks like Landrover or BMC diesel so might be older than 84. We have 8 vintage cabs here in Western Australia running as Back in Black London Cabs + SCVs ( Tm ).

  5. Leslie Hollaway

    Looking for a black cab. Live in North Carolina. Would appreciate if you would send me information on any black cabs for sale in USA
    Thank you.

  6. Sweet looking car. I got to ride in these taxis while my parents and I were visiting England several years ago. I didn’t notice the engine underneath its bonnet (hood), but that didn’t matter to me at the time. I found riding in it more comfortable than riding a Toyota Prius, and way better looking. Do you still have it, or were you able to sell it?

  7. would love to find a London Black cab in mint condition does anyone know of one for sale here or in Canada (If in Canada older than 1989 so I can get in to the USA).

  8. I have a 1967 Austin FX4 London taxi that needs a full restore. If anyone would be interested please let me know. I will not part with it unless I get $2000. It is in decent condition and has a new transmission but the motor blew a head gasket and it needs to have work done underneath due to rust. The interior is in immaculate condition considering the age. Please email me if interested we are located in Northeast Georgia USA.

    1. Sounds like a great project for someone tammy – tammy’s email is (all one word) tammy the agent at yahoo.com

    2. Sounds like a great project – tammy’s email is (all one word) tammy the agent at yahoo.com

  9. Sweet looking car. I got to ride in some taxis while I was in England a few years back. I was amazed at how comfortable it was for its size. From the outside, it didn’t look very comfortable.

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