LTI Fairway FX4 Cab for sale in New York

For sale: a London Taxis International Fairway – aka a London Black Cab, here in the USA. The owner is in Syracuse, New York, and he has decided to part with his X Reg cab that was rebuilt, lovingly restored and imported by LTE.

  • LTI Fairway – London Black Cab
  • 1982 with 1995 internals (ask Joe for details)
  • 2.7l Nissan Diesel engine
  • Restored in 2011
  • Black immaculate paintwork
  • Restored interior
  • Automatic transmission
  • Right hand drive
  • AC in driver and passenger compartments
  • Price on application – call Joe at 315-307-1494

Joe had no plans to sell his car, and thus no expense was spared in the restoration – it really looks like it has a great body and interior as you can see from the photos below. In addition, Joe reports it has new major mechanical systems to compliment the unstoppable Nissan TD27 – a 2.7l diesel engine that will run for half a million miles or more in strenuous stop and go traffic.

I must say that since this is the first cab I’ve seen in a long while in the USA with working AC, I was tempted to buy it myself. Then I could use it as a daily driver to promote my business, titillate the kids and possibly set it up as a wedding limo too. Although I could just as easily rent it out by the hour in a peer-to-peer car sharing network with and not have to deal with any more wedding planners than absolutely necessary. But alas, we already have one more car than drivers in our house, and two more cars than available parking spaces, so I’m going to have to pass.

Here’s what Joe has to say about it in his own words:

” I imported a 82 (95) Fairway Driver from London Taxi Exports last year… It’s mechanically doing very well after a full going over before shipping.  Bodywise is acceptable…looking quite nice but needing to be watched closely at door bottoms.  All wings are new fiberglass replacements.  It also has a new A/C unit, new tires, brakes, exhaust and cooling system. ”

The bottoms of all black cab doors need strong care – this is not at all unusual.

” I went for it because I preferred not to buy one that needed a complete overhaul right out of the gate.  It may also be obvious to you that this is not really an ’82.  LTE puts them through what they call an “aging process” ..sort of a don’t ask don’t tell routine.  So it is in fact a ’95 last on the streets of Knightbridge London.  LTE told me that all will be checked through and repairs made as needed and this they did.  They also reported that all rust areas were repaired and any existing rust was surface only…

“…Hella is the name of the German A/C.  There was no indication of a previously installed factory unit as all engine bay components are brand new…. it blows really cold and is very strong.  My niece tells me that some cooling blows through the small duct opening at the base of the passenger compartment wall but I just slide the back glass open and the entire front and back are well cooled in short order”

If you’re interested, give Joe a call at 315-307-1494. If you want to sell your London Taxi in the USA, get in touch. I’m happy to oblige.


12 thoughts on “LTI Fairway FX4 Cab for sale in New York”

  1. Jeff Kidwell

    Ever since my first trip to London in 1990 I’ve been in love with London taxis of all sorts, but particularly the Fairways. When LTNA began selling them here I just couldn’t afford the price tag, but am always watching ebay and other places for one to pop up. Hard to come by a
    Fairway old enough to import to the U.S. that’s still in good shape or been restored.
    Would you tell me what you’re asking for this car? I may be very interested.

    Jeff Kidwell
    Albuquerque, NM

    1. There are a few tricks around the import / exemption laws I’m led to believe. Call the number in the post to find out an asking price, and I’ll send your email address to the seller!

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  3. The phone number doesn’t work. Please let me know if this cab is still available for purchase!

  4. Ian again from Western Australia. 4 regd cabs ar e 1973, 1978, 1981, 1984. “Franky” is 1978 and nearly ready for reg. 3 spare parts cabs are 1964, 1982, 1987. “Ghost” has Nissan TD27 diesel, “Winston” has mid 1990s Mazda R2 diesel, “Rat” (blakmajic) has mid 1980s Mazda R2 diesel, “Vampire” ( black ext, red int ) has Landrover 4 cyl diesel. Rat due for rebuild but still runs well and has noisy reverse gear. None of the cabs are immaculate but are in very good condition for age. Just watch the heads turn! Selling due to illness in family. Open to offers!!

  5. I am actually an ex London cabbie, 1988 – 2001, now in Nova Scotia, still have my badge 48882, I’m interested in buying a cab for vineyard tours here, is it for sale?

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