Tech Support Made Me Happy

Dreamhost is definitely my favorite wordpress and domain hosting platform, and today they won extra brownie points.

I had a great interaction with tech support today which made me glad I’m still with them (it’s been almost three years). Concurrently, I’ve tried the $1 a month hosting which has been frequently hacked and I end up helping people collect credit card details under false pretenses. That doesn’t really help google be my friend. I’ve tried arcane hosting systems with fancy features. I’ve even used GoDaddy – the king of sending me envelopes with some lady Nascar star on the front.

Dreamhost is my favorite for these simple reasons:

Only one button for each of these sites

1.Easy installs – no more fannying around with ftp and what not. I can install a vanilla wordpress in under a minute *and* it gets updated for me so no more filezilla. Look at the one-click install menu image – more content management systems than you could shake an encyclopedia at.

2. Unlimited sites – you can set up as many users (=sites) as you like (of course you have to register a domain here and there, but heck, you can have as many sites as you care to, and it doesn’t cost more)

3. Unlimited bandwidth – now true, I’ve never really tested this, but I’ve never run out. Also there only appear to be a handful of sites running on any given server, so you don’t run the risk of being dragged down by cheap hosting

4. Good support – I haven’t needed tech support until today, and when I needed it, I got it, in a timely fashion. I also like the sense of humor associated with putting a tech support ticket together –

5. No upsell – I hate dealing with GoDaddy’s four hundred “do you want to add this BS into your cart along with your purchase” screens. I just want to get in, buy a domain and get out. Job done. I don’t want to have to reject Danica Patrick 399 times just to tell the world I’m hosting (actually – it’s already taken, but one day I’ll teach the world how to get calf muscles the size of the Albert Hall)

Overall, Dreamhost Rock. Check out this question in the support form:

Tech Support
GSOH required

Thanks David J for helping me out with my support question. I got my answers fast and our dialogue showed he understood what I wanted. I can’t remember the last time I had a good experience with tech support, let alone be motivated enough to write about it.

If you’re looking for cheap, good, reliable wordpress hosting, give Dreamhost a shot.

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