Liver defence strategies of the listing and squinters

Booze tools
These are the tools of the liver warrior

Transferring hosting for one of my professional blogs (I’m still the same jackass, I just want people to buy something) I came across an issue and submitted a tech support request. I took the time to smell the flowers along the way, and found this old photo.

I had planned to write about how planning for a night of drinking was so much harder these days, lining up a myriad of potions and powders to make the next day bearable. I never did write it, as I found it easier to stop the booze. And it makes you feel like a million dollars if your drink comes in a glass with the logo of the drink on it. La Fin Du Monde indeed.

Still, if you like knocking back booze, my advice is to avoid the cheap stuff, the sugary stuff and the cloudy. Eat Marmite, gorge on B vitamins and have a few effervescent vitamins on hand. Oh, and drink lots of water, and possibly chew on some charcoal.

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