The Gonch – Rapping Baby Silver Rocket Lyrics

Rocco and Brooks, stars of the CBBC hit TV show “Big Babies” are out in the park when they run into arguably the coolest kid in the universe – The Gonch. Here are lyrics from one of his most eloquent rap ditties.


“My step-mum just bought me this silver rocket
Nice innit?
I’m the coolest kid in town
Don’t knock it
Check me playing with my brand new silver rocket – bo!

You bring the huggies, I’ll bring the buggies
Disrespect me, you’re a 12 carat dummy, fool”
Rocco: “How is that not cool?”

This playground anthem has been pumping out from the clubs of Ibiza this summer, and has become somewhat of an underground hit, being sampled by P.Diddy in his recent gold album title track “Creche Bang Whallop – What a Mash Up”.

The Gonch is currently on tour and appearing in pantomimes across the UK before starting his Japanese tour in early 2011.

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  4. who’s here in 2019!
    The gonch literally best rapper alive besides eminem, hes my favourite
    The gonch tells kanye west to hold his beer.

    1. The gonch is of legal drinking age in Spain now. Kanye wishes he could hold his beer.

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