Taking Candy from a Baby

The Gonch
The Gonch. Keeps his candy

I’ll wager that it is generally much easier than taking candy from a baby.

Believers in evolution will tell you that we are essentially mutant gibbons. As such, human babies can dangle from their forefingers. They have a grip strength akin to the pincers on a giant Tokyo-scything alien lobster who would give Godzilla a run for his money. It’s so the little baboons could hang on to their parents as they swung from tree to tree to escape the velociraptors and herds of flesh-eating woolly mammoth.  Any self-respecting baby could grasp a stick of candy with inhuman strength is what I’m saying.

And what about the psychological scars left on bullies? Is taking sugared product from the hands of infants really so easy on the conscience? I don’t think so.

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