Quotes of the wedding

“Okay, I’ll be blunt here. Which one of those tall blonde men is the millionaire?” – curious lady at my table.

“You’ll never really be happy if you’re not driving up and down the M1 trying to give people lifts.” – my rambling advice to people who don’t live near enough to the M1 to help my hitching endeavours.

“Yeah we got, like, 500 of your scottish pounds in expenses for, like, three nights in St. Andrews. That’s about 360 dollars isn’t it?” – US navy aircrew chap I met in the bar after the wedding, who clearly had no need to know about the value of foreign currency. Damn, if only I could fund that sort of thing with my taxes.

“Yes I do a little bit, but not probably as much as you do.” – Patrick humouring my theory that you feel immortal during the rush of getting inebriated.

“Ben Affleck could definitely do better,” – another table discussion about J-Lo being a bit past it. I mean, if Bouncey is the new J-Lo, does that mean that J- Lo should be decommissioned?

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