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Managing iPad Files with Your PC

by ronmalibu July 19, 2011

Using iTunes to sync files between your Windows based laptop and your iPad / iPhone is an almighty pain in the USB port. These tools are the holy trinity that I’ve discovered through testing a whole bunch of different tools: DropBox – this has a mobile app version and a desktop version. With this free […]

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iPad = Blunt fingers

by ronmalibu May 12, 2011

Disambiguation: This is nothing to do with getting tar stains between your two fingers after smoking too many blunts. This is about using an iPad and an iPhone all day. I hate the little touchpad mice that they have on laptops. Hate hate hate hate. They smooth my fingers, and if there’s something a man […]

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How To Manage Files Between an iPad and PC

by ronmalibu March 8, 2011

This is how I manage files between my iPad and PC using a few free tools that take a few minutes to set up. Mostly I author documents (PDFs, spreadsheets, Office documents etc) on my PC and then view them on my mobile devices, though there are documents that I edit on the fly when […]

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