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OMFG Money

I’ve started to listen to things today. First, a man on the radio spoke about a book “Quitters”, which deals with stopping one career and starting another.

Then I got an email saying that a funny little website I made a year ago just earned some money and that I had been paid. I did a little happy dance.



I think I’m supposed to reinvest this in my website, but I kind of want to drink it

Then another radio show featured a man who was changing career.

Now, I’m not into coincidence and the Universe trying to tell me something, but I am reminded about how much I love receiving and giving away money. So I’m paying attention, and thinking.

Oh, and I just won an auction and bought an ex-50 motorbike. It’s in South Carolina, but needs to leave said location within 10 business days. So there’s that.


Apparently it’s a 3 hour operation to mount a passenger seat


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