Fridge Magnet Pilgrimage Halted

There are three religions associated with Jerusalem – Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Each of these has a physical quarter in the city.

In my opinion, the fourth and much larger quarter split evenly over the old city is crass consumerism.

My Road to Damascus Event

The hawkers in Jerusalem have made me question my own habit of buying “I’ve been there” fridge magnets. Maybe I can write a little in lieu of buying tourist tat in future. And if my fridge seems unadorned in the future, I might just print some words out onto a magnet and stick it up.

If Paul was thinking about going to Damascus now, he’d probably be thinking about the civil[I]Not very civil at all war in Syria that’s happened over the last eight years, the tens of millions of refugees and over half million dead. Operation Chess doesn’t sound like a friendly game at all.


I Not very civil at all

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