Sometimes a Ron’s got to do what a Ron’s got to do

I distinctly remember the internet caf̩ in Girona where I made the decision to visit Austin, Texas and live in a trailer park for a giggle. I had been fasting Рsomething that allegedly helps clarify the mind for big decisions.

However I can’t find any evidence of the decision on my blog. The nearest I can find is talk in September 2003 of trailer parks. Maybe when I moved my blog into WordPress the post got mangled, and the comments burned.

Notwithstanding my inability to find the source of suggestions for that big decision, another big decision looms large and potentially sweaty on the near-term event horizon. (that date beyond which all knowledge of the meaning of time disappears, aka Thursday).

So with little ado, and perhaps a large adieu, I have entered fasting mode. A few eggs and some avocado at my networking group and I’m onto fizzy water (yes, I still call it that, and I still call thin slices of toast ‘soldiers’) and tea and random outbreaks of anger and frustration.

Will it help decision making? Time will tell.

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