Jaguar XJR wheels – refurbish or replace?

Dodgy rims

My 2001 Jaguar XJR came with a few factory upgrades – Brembo brakes and 18″ BBS Milano rims for example. The rims are in bad shape but what can I do?

First off, I like the fact that I have matching Pirelli P-Zeros, and given that these tires cost a bob or two, I’d like to keep hold of them.

Secondly, I’ve been watching Wheeler Dealers recently. In the car flipping program, the heroes always seem to get their alloy rims refurbished for an amazingly low price. They also seem to make a loss on every single episode, so perhaps not the best model to follow.

Thirdly, I asked the XJR facebook group if they could really be refurbished, and people said, “Yes,” and then “Not cheaply.” In fact, because they’re a two part rim, one person said this:

Really depends how good you want them, your trims look shot and if you wanted to keep them thats the best part of £400 just there….. Can take an hour just to split them all, if you break a bolt its around £50 to remove and replace, the bolts themselves are £10 each if I remember correctly. Very often the valves shear, they are £45 each plus removal. One set we had done was in very bad condition, they cost £1000 to do, 50% of the bolts sheared and he wanted trims and not a painted or polished edge…… I have seen people just paint the whole lot, looks OK but they loose a bit of their appeal

So yeah, what’s a guy to do? I guess look for some other rims that fit over the Brembo brakes too. If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

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