Chip Shop Review: Lace Market Fish Bar, Nottingham

The Lace Market Fish Bar

The Lace Market Fish Bar is on a quiet unassuming street in Nottingham – and it houses both kebab style fair in addition to fried goods.

I went there at 2pm and was delighted to be offered a special lunch deal. The head chef and bottle washer said something I didn’t quite catch when I ordered, but looking at the forlorn display of hot cabinet goods, I took it to mean that he was going to freshly prepare my fish for me, so I set to waiting.

The front man was very polite in his dealings with other customers – advising them of deal options to see if they wanted to save money, and telling them of the anticipated wait time for their desired order. Inside are a few tables, and leaning space against the walls – everything seemed clean and shiny enough, and the waiting was softened by the provision of some excellent reading material – I can heartily recommend “The Metro” as a local current affairs and classified advertisements source if you’re there for a time.

The Lunch Special – Fish Chips and Peas

After a while the food was available, and again I didn’t quite catch the question from the chef when it was my time to receive, so I just gave my standard line about “lots of vinegar, a little bit of salt”. I was quite horrified to see a vivid splash of lurid pea substance adorning my small polystyrene bowl, but after waiting for the freshest of fried foods, I didn’t want to grumble and risk another wait while more food was prepared. I had already reached the “cars under £1000” section of the classifieds, and couldn’t wait any longer. In short I was hungry.

The portion was modest – after all I had unwittingly chosen a lunch special for £3.50 – and I tucked into it with relish – even the ectoplasmic green goo, which pleasantly surprised me. The fish had a good ratio of white to fat, and was cooked immaculately. The chips were firm and thick, and the vinegar was satisfyingly strong at the bottom of the bucket. I was pleased to be given a serious fork – a well engineered plastic affair strong enough for the task – looking a little like the sort of thing Wayne Industries would build for Batman’s Penguin-piercing endeavours.

Low batter to fish ratio

Overall, a fantastic yet modest meal, and I would definitely go there again in an artery clogged heartbeat.


Strong vinegar
Firm chips
Good value
More fish than batter
Friendly chef


Small portion – lunch special
Hard to understand what I was ordering and getting.

Overall Rating: 4/5 


Nice wall art for the chippy

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