What Am I Doing With My Life?

What am I doing with my life is always a hard question to answer, so I decided to figure out what I was doing in the next seven weeks instead. I’m not going to extrapolate, but it helps me to realize that I have a fair few things going on, and these things are the constant distractions which pull me away from the bigger things in life. You know, in the same way that people don’t walk around asking, “We’re all going to die, what’s it all about?” all the time, and look at pictures of kittens online instead.

The next seven weeks:

  1. Buying a new house – inspecting it, ordering things to go in it, organizing loans and such.
  2. Staging our old house – fixing things up and generally hiding the way that people really live, and depicting a lifestyle
  3. Selling our old house – that part is like falling off a log. I mean that it’s easy, not that it’s painful or prone to spiders.
  4. Helping other people buy houses, you know because I still do have a day job.
  5. Helping other people help other people buy houses, as this is clearly the way forward
  6. Moving house – never overlook the packing and moving and unpacking process
  7. Going skiing. It’s the time of year you know, and I haven’t been in about 7 years so it’s time.
  8. Going to physical therapy to fix my hip issues. PT is less massage and Enya music, and more balancing on one leg juggling chainsaws.
  9. Kickboxing and getting ready for my next belt test. Quite physically demanding, and learning the curriculum seems to require some presence of mind too, in addition to sorely lacking coordination.
  10. Fixing my Miata – getting it ready for the track and getting it ready for an engine swap.
  11. Taking my Miata on the track and learning to drive it around corners. Much less treacherous now with the new shock absorbers.
  12. Dabbling in the stock market – everybody believes in the future of uranium exploration right?
  13. Filing taxes in a few different countries. Oh joy!
  14. Eating well. These days it’s mostly sausages, which is a great thing to get up in the morning to.
  15. Valentine’s Day – damn, got to do something to celebrate Halmark
  16. Parenting – got to do my daily parent
  17. Parenting coaching – yes I have a coach for that.
  18. I just bought a new website, so I need to set that up.

The list goes on. Mostly a list full of enjoyable things. That’s what I’m doing with my life right now.

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