How Google Autocomplete Made Me Rich

It was in Amsterdam that I first typed in “I want to be” into google, and had the revelation that autocomplete could make me a billionaire. The first result I got was “I want to be a vampire”, and I filed the thought away and carried on being a regular millionaire.

Here’s how I became a billionaire using three simple techniques and google’s autocomplete service. If you’re not familiar with it, or with making millions of dollars every day as passive income from your blog, don’t worry. When I was in Amsterdam, I didn’t either. And the secret is frighteningly simple – it’s just staring you in the face.

The thing that’s stopped most people achieving independent wealth and quitting their day jobs is the fact that there’s one trick that isn’t immediately obvious – keep reading and you’ll find out in less than three minutes how to do it yourself too.

Fact: google auto-complete will suggest things to you that are popular searches. So if you want lots of people to find your blog, then you need to write for your audience. And how do you do that? Simple! Write your posts to exactly mirror the things that google is telling you that people are searching for. Google wants you to be a billionaire as much as I do – that’s why they tell you what to write about.

Fact: all those people driving Bugatti Veyron 16.4 – the $2.6m sports car – they’re all SEO geeks. Those guys sitting in the best seats of the house at the WWE wrestlemania matches? SEO nerds. Now, you don’t need to know what SEO stands for to make the same kind of income – for us it’s Search Engine Overdomination, The nuts and bolts of it are simple – you tell google what you’re writing about, google will send you people who want to know about it. AND, and this is a big “and“, they’ll tell advertisers that you’re attracting that kind of person with that kind of interest. And get this, the advertisers will track you down and offer to pay you money.

Trick: Now here’s the trick. Google will also suggest things to you based on what it thinks you are, and what it thinks you like. So you have to sign out of google before you do your research – the hunting of your golden geese. What do I mean by this? Say I’m really into Neds Atomic Dustbin – and all day every day I search for information about the Stourbridge band’s songs and lyrics while logged into google. Google’s going to think I love the Neds. So if I’m logged into google and I type “How to kill” and pause, google may suggest “How to kill your television“, the last three words of the sentence being a popular hit from the West Midlands’ quintet.

If you type it in, logged into google, it may suggest something to you like “How to kill Prince William on the day of his wedding” or something that it ties in with your interests of Oliver’s Army or whatever they may be.

So the trick is this: log out of google before doing your autocomplete research. It’s still going to give you regional results based on where it thinks you are, and we’ll come back to that later.

Myth: Now you might think that google will give you the most popular searches first and you should start writing content to lure in all those advertisers and visitors, but you’d be plain wrong. Let’s look at an example and figure out how to find out what blog posts are going to pay you the most money.

Example:  “How to become a…” Log out of google, and go to the google search page and type the last phrase in, minus the ellipsis – that’s the bit where you wait. See what comes up. For me, since google thinks I’m in Texas, it’s the following list:

I typed in "How to become a" and waited

Now, taking this list over to google’s traffic estimator, which is admittedly a pain – you have to type it all in manually, you see that some phrases are more searched for than others – both locally and globally. In my case “How to Become a Model” was suggested first but lagged behind “How to become famous” in global searches, with level pegging on the local searches.

How to become famous is a good bet

“How to become a rancher” is so irrelevant that it should have been at the bottom of the list, and simply serves to show that this is focused on where I appear to be – Texas. I’m led to believe that people in Stourbridge don’t see that as one of their suggested results.

So here we’ve seen how to figure out what people are searching for and how writing content about this topic – ideally with the suggested search phrase as the title of your blog – how all of this will bring clicks. And what do clicks bring? Advertisers! And what do advertisers bring? Millions of dollars every day. Over 86 billion dollars a year in the US alone. All you need is 1% of that, and you can quit your day job.

Fact: You can have a life of luxury and help charities with large cash donations, all from the comfort of your home office or public library workstation. All you have to do is follow the simple steps above to create compelling content for people and advertisers. Then you need a bank account with enough space for lots of zeros and to put your feet up and sit in the hot tub.

For my simple FREE ebook on how to make your first million in google advertising, send $10 (not for me, for the charity of my choice) and I’ll send you the easy to read PDF instantly. And if you’re not completely satisfied, you can call the charity directly for your full refund.

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