Backing up, backing up, backing up, backing up – ‘coz my sysadmin taught me good

Having your head in the clouds is no longer a euphemism for daydreaming or attaining a senior management position at a financial institution. Or for snorting marshmallows after a particularly confusing bender during a businessman’s lunch.

If I’m going to have my head in the clouds in 2011, I’m probably a transhumanist with much of my brain uploaded to a reliable online storage facility. A facility which may well be from my favorite backup cloud of today – Carbonite.

Online Backup
98% of my brain is in the clouds

I wrote about Carbonite as the yin to the free online backup yang a while back, and when I discovered that Carbonite wasn’t working when I turned on my laptop this morning, I freaked. Sure, it’s only my backup, you might think, but I treated it as if my laptop was actually on fire. It’s that important since the risk of loss is so high. And I hate typing the same thing twice.

Rather than be given the opportunity to berate Carbonite, they responded quickly to my support request, and by the time I sat down to write this, had fixed my issue. So I no longer feel that I have my belt removed at the airport security line, vulnerable to being pantsed by any passer-by.

So here I am. Safe.  Belt on. Smug look on my face and only glowing praise for the masters of large, cheap online storage.

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