Chocolate Karma

It’s like, karma, man. You know – it happened on Sunday on a violently hungover quest for blood sugar from the Tube’s chocolate vending machines. One machine swallowed 50p and despite a violent and bloody war of attrition with its eject button, the machine refused to do anything other than look smugly at me, withholding all of its snacktastic carbohydrates. The next machine took my 50p and delivered a squishily warm Cadbury’s Whole Nut. The third machine accepted 50p and delivered both the Crunchie I’d asked for, and a Cadbury’s Boost with Guarana and glucose. So some machines giveth, some taketh away. But it all adds up to the same.

It’s quite worrying if you start to think about karma, and karmic debt late in life. You think about all the bikes you’ve nicked, all the insects you’ve crushed, all the orphanages you’ve locked and burnt to the ground. It’s going to be a long haul, I can tell.

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