We watched some Muay Thai last night. An Englishman called Poo kicked seven shades of Sunday out of his opponent, finishing him off with several knees to the face. The crowd liked that. And the crowd liked it when the announcer summoned the “lady boxer fighting”. The announcer had a limited grasp of sentence structure, and perhaps even the meaning of his English words. But he had a large vocabulary, and could quite happily string together apparently random words for the audience to search for his meaning. Stuff like “Beach bungalow, happy boxing yes fight strong leg maybe bungalow lady knockout, good” The Brits in the crowd were expecting him to say “Jumpers for goalposts”, or “poisonous frogs” at any moment. But “Lady boxer fighting” did actually herald a bout between two tiny women, one bizarrely named “porn”. One mercy in the three round slugfest was that they didn’t knee each other in the face, or kick each other in the head. Strangely compelling to watch, but perhaps only once.

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