And of course what Bangkok night would not be complete without Karaoke? The only English song we found in the chosen venue for Monday night, was “Happy Happy New Year”, by Chinadolls. Eventually, our turn came around, and Ciaran and I were presented with the all-powerful microphone. Looking at the video screen, situated against a pillar which supported the freeway our cafe was under, we saw the Chinadolls burst onto stage. And start singing in Thai. There were some English words: “Happy, Happy New Year, Chinadolls, Chinadolls,” but they typically flashed past too fast to sing. I was all for giving up, but Ciaran forged on with our interpretation of the Thai bits, and we got a small smattering of polite applause from the whiskied-up Thai women at the table next to us, when the song thankfully finished. Wan got far more applause for her songs, of course. But then she can speak Thai, and sing.

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