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Sailing on Lake Travis

I have not yet been sailing on Lake Travis in Austin. A fact I was bemoaning the other day. And another perceived lack in my life was not enough friends with boats. I figure once I get my Miata up and running, that I’ll be the generous friend with a convertible type – always willing to lend it out to anyone who wants to pootle around with the top down. To show it off (as much as one can show off a 22 year old underpowered car with holes in the roof).

So yes, I’m officially shallow. More friends with boats. To allow them to show off their boating skills.

So lo! Behold! It turns out I already know someone as a friend and great Austin photographer, who also happens to have a boat. Cap’n Kenny recently decided to turn his boat and boating skills into a business with his boat Dogstar and offers Lake Travis sailboat charters.

The prices look extremely reasonable – I did a quick check on some of the competition and Kenny seems to offer more for less. No, he didn’t pay me to say that, in fact I don’t think he knows that I’m writing this. I wonder if he wants to borrow a beat up Miata…


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