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Sometimes you get hacked

I have a domain that I plan to become fantastically popular one day. You know, that “one day” in which all the books you ordered from Amazon suddenly get read, your dishwasher is empty, and all of your laundry is folded away. And you grow your own vegetables, restore classic cars and waltz into fundraisers, bid $1000 on a few charity auction items, kiss the mayor on both cheeks and head off on your motorcross bike to go stand-up paddle boarding. All before lunch.

Auto-renew of domains at goDaddy is nature’s way of telling you that you forgot to start that project that you always thought would be a good idea and that you snatched up a domain name before it was too late. Auto-renew taxes your pocket as well as the psychic juice which powers your ability to start 15 projects when you’ve only got capacity to stop 10 projects. GoDaddy. Sub-human scum.

So this “get rich slowly some distant time in the future” domain of mine surfaced as I was annihilating the auto-renew checkboxes at GoDaddy. I popped over to the site and found this.

I got hacked

My site was hacked and all I got was this lousy gif

At first I felt sad. Then I saw it and felt glad. It’s pretty funny really. And if it makes some little man in his step-mom’s bedroom feel good about himself and his krew, then ctrl-alt-delete sera sera. I am a n00b. He’s totally right.

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