It's Different Back at Work

Staying awake all day? Blimey, that’s a challenge. I did so well last week – my first week at work for six months – that I had to fall asleep during Rachel’s birthday party on Saturday. Half way through a walk around the Tate modern, with particular emphasis on nekked people and the upside-down piano, I suddenly decided I couldn’t hack it any more. I managed to get a bit of kip on the lawn outside for a while, but it soon got too cold. But I couldn’t quite manage to fall asleep when I went back inside the Tate Modern, and ousted a small child from the comfy seats on level three. It wasn’t until many more bottles of red wine that I managed to get my second wind, and that only lasted until about 1am. I think I appreciate sleep more now. Maybe that’s the secret to being relaxed – lots of sleep.

They say the first three weeks back are the worst…

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