Oooh Me Hammies

Foolishly, I agreed to do a 10k ‘fun’ run a few months ago, leaving three weeks between my return to the UK and the date of the race. I felt sure that this was what was needed to get back into shape after several months of absorbing food and booze, while essentially sitting on my arse doing nothing. “Just the kind of incentive I need,” I thought. I noticed at the time that the training schedules suggested a six week plan, but thought nothing of trying to squeeze six weeks into four.

But it was only three days ago when I actually managed to start the training. I have four days until the race. It’s not until I typed this that I realised that I had jumped into day one of week five’s schedule. I just looked at the schedule again. If I skip out all the days that say “Rest” (Why would I want to rest, I thought this was all about getting fitter), and I skip the sessions that say “easy” or “walk” anywhere in the title, I should be on target to complete my training about three days after the race. Sorry ‘Run’. You can’t say ‘Race’, as it’s all about doing it at your own pace.

As long as my legs get better. For some reason, I can no longer straighten either of my legs, and I have a throbbing pain in at least one of my hamstrings at any one time. So much so, that I couldn’t do any running at all today. Maybe that’s why they put “Rest” in the schedule, so that you can stay away from public places and scream in agony all day in the privacy of your own home. Ow.

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