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I just bought a few more pairs of glasses from, and found that they send you a coupon code for free in the order that you can use any time. I just lost my sunglasses and my son stood on and broke my glasses, so I wish I’d have known the code sooner.

I was thinking about it, and the reason I probably first went to their site was a google ad that said something like “why pay 39 dollars for glasses?” when I was searching for 39 dollar glasses – a brand that had stuck in my brain. You know, the price is the name, but I couldn’t be bothered to figure out the URL.

So spend money on marketing, or their affiliates do. And they yield coupon codes like this one I found today: IF8FEI1QGY But they can save all that spend if they hook you with their simple 5% discount. They don’t have to pay their affiliates, they don’t have to spend money on google ads, and you go to their site as you’re getting a discount on what are already incredibly inexpensive glasses. My last ones were around for a year before my 35 pound toddler stood on them. They look a bit battered, but I pass it off as shabby geek or whatever it’s called.

Anyhoo the code I got in the mail is:

5% off on your next buy at coupon code: godirect

Please leave a comment if it works for you!

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