Become a lady or gentleman of the Pole

So let’s get this straight – there’s not just Lech Wałęsa when you’re looking for Pole jokes, there’s the father of the heliocentric cosmology too – Copernicus, and my late grandfather. But these are not the gentlemen of the pole who I shall become. Oh no. I have signed up for brass ovaries.

Brass ovaries is a pole dancing studio, and I’m led to believe (by the special forces trained instructor Natasha) a good place to work out. She looks pretty buff in the photos, so I’ll take her word for it. There’s something slightly twisted about the idea of paying to watch people dance on poles, when you could in fact dance on the poles yourself and pay for that too. I remember my colleague Joe attempting to grasp the thistley pole firmly somewhere in South East Asia, and not getting too stung, so now it’s my turn.
Here’s a groupon to the same:


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