1991 Ford Taurus SHO For Sale: SOLD

SOLD: OK, so my friend is selling his 1991 SHO. Fortunately he’s out of town right now , so I get to ditch the Prius and drive around with tiles squealing. In the words of Smokey and the Bandit, I get to keep my wheels spinning and the beavers grinning.


Behold the SHO – more photos in a slideshow at the bottom

Here are the details of this Ford Taurus SHO:

  • Original V6 220 HP 24 valve DOHC Yamaha engine
  • 5 speed standard transmission
  • Same owner since 1998
  • Oil changed religiously every 3000 miles
  • New clutch 6000 miles ago – should be good until 200,000 miles and beyond
  • 116,000 miles of which most have been done in Texas, so there’s not a spot of rust on the car
  • Loaded – leather interior
  • Dark tinted all electric windows
  • Kick ass stereo – JBL speaker and Rockford-Fosgate head unit – with CD.
  • Power seats with adjustable lumbar support – inflatable bladders still operate perfectly
  • Sun shades with drop down vanity mirror and additional sun shade so you can shade from two directions at once
  • Power sun roof still works great
  • Full Ford factory manual
  • It has inspection sticker and tags and a clear title.
  • Keypad door entry system
  • There’s a bit of sun damage to the paint on the roof and the hood.
  • Black – what other color is there for the same car that Robocop drives?
  • Cheap to insure – some insurance companies give you a very low rate for a car 20 years old – I know someone who pays $55 / year for his SHO insurance

The seller is relocating and needs to sell it in the next year or so. Which has no complaints from me – I like having it around.

Here are some facts about the SHO in general. Conan O’Brien has one as does Jay Leno. They’re both funny, and one of them is tall. If you buy this car, you’ll be 50% tall and 100% funny too. Robocop drove one. I can’t promise that you’ll be able to outrun ED-209 if you buy this car, but you probably will have more than 20 seconds to comply.

It’s the very definition of a sleeper car – it looks like a regular family sedan car but has a more powerful engine than the cop cars of the day. When the car came out, it was the epitome of luxury and power – it’s the BMW M5 of it’s day. The 0-60mph time is very respectable for a car that comfortably seats five – 6.6 seconds per wikipedia. It’s good fun to drive. Compare that to the 6.3 seconds of the USA spec E34 M5 and you’ll see that Ford were churning out affordable firepower.

Get in touch with this magic form or in the comments below if you want to check it out.
Oh and the little piece of text that says Loading… below springs into a photo gallery if you wait long enough!

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13 thoughts on “1991 Ford Taurus SHO For Sale: SOLD”

  1. Do you still have the car? If so I will pay $2800 for it. Roy Leave message if I don’t answer

  2. I am highest bidder on eBay right. Now I will come Saturday and buy it I like in hillsboro

  3. Thanks for all your interest. If you have another SHO to sell, I’m happy to post it here. Just leave a comment, and we’ll get er done

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