Is Mueller Aging Gracefully?

Dorian Gray at Mueller
Really, it's not photoshop, it does say that, I just blew it up

Mueller’s residential development is less than half complete, with all homes built on the West side of Berkman. The photo right was taken on the new David Weekley lots where Mattie intersects Simond.

My guess is that it is to show the proposed color scheme for the homes built there – there is a new construction council that reviews plans to make sure that they conform to the architectural standards of the master plan.

The names of the colors are written on the siding, one being “Dorian Gray”, the protagonist in Oscar Wilde’s novel, who famously sells his soul to defeat the aging process. In the novel, a painting bears witness to the sins committed by the ageless Dorian, until he finally stabs the painting, and consequently ending his own life.

Is the book a reverse parallel for the aging of the Mueller neighborhood while the Mueller Design Book remains ageless? Are sins being committed in the development which are going to result in a sudden death?

I was going to write about this on my “professional blog” until I realized that it was quite absurd, and was purely based on the whimsical naming of a paint color that I saw written on a piece of siding earlier in the day. So you see, I do have the ability to self-censor.

And to answer the question, I think the neighborhood is evolving whereas the design book was a set of ideals. Some would say that it’s evolution is being shaped by market forces, but I’m not that cynical. But then again, I’m biased. I have the easiest job in real estate – working with people who want to live in a pretty neat neighborhood (as long as you don’t want a yard, and I know I would rather have a bunch of parks than a yard right now), in a sustainable development, in new green houses. There’s not much competition in Austin so close to UT and downtown.

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re interested in Mueller Austin homes for sale, check out my other website. There, I indulged myself with a flight of fancy and a link to my so-called work site. I know you’re not supposed to cross the streams, but if you want to get the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man all over your face, sometimes you have to break the rules.

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