It's like rain on your wedding day

Today we disarmed the monkey – this involved taking six, thirty foot long arms from the wooden sculpture with ropes, scaffolding, and the noon-day sun. I was first to arrive on the scene and scaled the monkey for some tranquility. I spent the next four hours up the monkey, helping to unbolt the arms from the shoulders. I was standing on the shoulders of giants. A giant monkey god called Hanuman to be precise.

The plan was then to go to a training session for the upcoming Burning Flipside event at which the wooden sculpture is to be burnt. The training was to enable me to greet people at the event, and make sure they were knowledgeable about the dangers and pleasures of the event. One key danger is the strength of the sun and its effects on unwary revellers.

I didn’t make the training. I had sun stroke.

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