There was only one thing I could do

Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long. So spaketh Ministry, in their song, Jesus Built My Hotrod. It’s a song which talks about a love affair.

I know of love and affairs of the heart. Of jaunts in spring fields, and silent smiles and shared hours in comfort. So today I cleaned the Automatic Idle Control valve of my Saab, and the throttle butterfly valve. Oh how my beauty idles now, whether hot or cold. She’s pretty hot when we’re together. What a dream that we have found each other. That I can luxuriate inside her at length, or tinker under her bonnet for hours. Ahem. Moving on.

Today, I also learnt that you can’t easily start a barbecue with carb cleaner, and if you could, the food wouldn’t taste very nice. I also learnt that there is a shop called Hobby Lobby. In it, you can buy hobbies. I’m up in the air about hobbies. I’ve managed pretty well in life so far with no real hobbies. I mean, you can’t buy alcohol at Hobby Lobby, so drinking and travelling to new countries to get drinks can’t be a hobby. I think hobbies are a bit like museums. There’s no good reason why you should enjoy either of them.

I didn’t buy a hobby. I bought paint. And Austin being Austin, someone offered to help me paint my cowboy boots this evening. My boots were lovely. Now they are silver and lovely. I plan to wear them to Fool’s Soup this weekend as part of my costume. Or maybe as all of my costume, save for a grin and some sun-block.

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