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How to Stop Grammarly Ads on YouTube

by ronmalibu November 17, 2018

Grammarly Ads on YouTube really get my goat, and I wanted to figure out how to stop seeing them. After a bunch of searching for “how to stop grammarly ads on YouTube” yielded nothing, I sat down at my stand up desk and thought about it. I figured it out. And there’s only one sure-fire […]

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How To Change Your Name in the UK By Deed Poll

by ronmalibu January 16, 2014

The astute of you may have realized that Ron Malibu is actually what the French call coconut flavoured bacardi. The origins of my pseudonym can be traced to a bar in a war torn province of Mexico. The area was theoretically safe. The Americans had invaded a decade before, and were still occupying the beach […]

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Prodigy in the UK 2013

by ronmalibu August 21, 2013

On the subject of The Prodigy’s so-called only UK date in 2013 (until they just announced another one in December 2013, 3 days before the one at Creamfields on Saturday 24th August). To see The Prodigy, one must not wear a tracksuit, per the ticket. Though trainers are OK. Per the ticket. Though the Creamfields […]

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