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I smack the electric karting gauntlet across your cheeks

Cheap go karting deal in Austin? What, what, what? Personally, I am a sucker for deals. Which is why I can’t subscribe to Groupon or any of the other social saving sites. I’d buy everything. However, I do love go karting in Austin, and there is an offer right now worthy of note.

K1 Speed has been open a few months, and I’ve been 4 times and had a blast every time. I originally went alone, just to play with my camera (ok I’m competitive – I went to learn the course too). The next few times I went with friends in ever increasing numbers. My ideal plan is to get as many of you hooked on karting as I can, so that we can start a league and go there every Thursday evening. I have this burning desire to learn how to drive faster, and the relative safety (aside from Will’s whiplash) and comfort of an air-conditioned warehouse is probably a good start.

Anyway, there’s a special at groupon right now – four 14 lap races for $44 – the cheapest I’ve seen before then is three races for $45, so it’s well priced. I plan on going a lot, so I stocked up on a few, and even sent one to my wife, for, er, my birthday.

Come race me!



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