Errata martyr

According to the feedback the management received from some of the more attentive readers, Big Bill Werbeniuk did not slip down a mere 24 pints of super strength lager in his last professional snooker match, as was stated yesterday. Apparently it was 28 pints. Heck, give us a break – most people have difficulty figuring out how many drinks they have had on a given session, probably topping out at between five and fifteen pints. But the difference between 24 and 28 is surely a tough one to remember. Except that because Bill was a professional snooker player, aided and abetted by booze to allow him to stop shaking enough to perform his sport of choice, he could write his lager off against his tax bill. Imagine trying to keep all of those receipts on a 28 pint bender. What a guy.

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