How to Stop Grammarly Ads on YouTube

by ronmalibu November 17, 2018

Grammarly Ads on YouTube really get my goat, and I wanted to figure out how to stop seeing them. After a bunch of searching for “how to stop grammarly ads on YouTube” yielded nothing, I sat down at my stand up desk and thought about it. I figured it out. And there’s only one sure-fire […]

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Does Grammarly Work?

by ronmalibu November 13, 2018

Grammarly is a free service which checks your spelling and grammar as you type via a Google Chrome plugin. There are other ways to use Grammarly – Word plugins and so forth – and also a paid version with a desktop app. You people – yes you – seem to like the Chrome plugin – […]

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Bad Maths

by ronmalibu May 24, 2013

This is incorrect: to me that says E= M²C²Hammer² Good maths Now this says E= C MC Hammer / Hammer. Oooh coming on like a seventh sense.

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