EastMidlands_HMO_investmentGarreth Wilcock – Housing Fixed – Property Investment

A common problem with property investment is that many of us start too late in life to appreciate the long term capital appreciation that even vanilla buy-to-let properties can bring. Often, we don’t have the patience to wait for the gains and to see out the challenges that being a landlord presents. Thankfully, there is a much simpler and faster way.

By developing property I force capital appreciation in a much shorter time frame – I see the results in months not years. I create luxury house shares in the East Midlands typically housing recent graduates and young professionals.

These house shares offer my tenants a great standard of living for a fixed monthly outgoing in a time where many are having to save longer to get onto the property ladder. There is a huge demand for them in Nottingham and Derby where I operate, and the demand is increasing consistently.

Additionally the house shares (technically Houses of Multiple Occupation or HMOs) provide a much higher monthly income than a buy to let investment and offer very attractive yields.

I offer a select group of investors a very healthy return on their capital investment. Each investment is one that I would put my own money into (and often do). Each investment is secured by an underlying property project.

My property investment career started in 2001, and I have dealt in property in the UK and Texas. I now invest in the East Midlands for a balanced mix of capital growth and attractive yields.


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