Owning Texas

A friend of mine, concerned about the ramifications of the Patriot Act on his bank account when he leaves Texas, was looking to buy some cheap land in Texas, so that he’d always have an address. He said his budget was $500 and this is what I found: land near El Paso in the Northwest part of the State. $500 a lot – and several lots to boot. We could be neighbors!

texas terriotry
Marking your territory in Texas

Me, I like the idea of just owning land. It makes no sense economically – you have to pay taxes and there is no income typically. And lenders don’t want to lend you money just so that you’d “have land”. Why then, do I want land? There’s a faraway notion that it would be good to have somewhere that you could just “be”. Maybe I’d go there every decade on my birthday and take a pee on a tree. Or maybe I’d just plant some trees and see what happened to them. Maybe I’d be cremated there, or at least have my ashes scattered there.

Anyway, if you’re wondering about what to get me for my birthday – here’s a link – lots in Hudspeth County West Texas. Mind you, for $700 you could buy a house in Detroit like this one. Or a lot in Smithville – somewhere I’m likely to drive to for a pee.

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