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Another thing you have to think about when you start a journal is what you are doing it for. Who will read? Is it just to get something out?

I’ve written a blog for 25 months and spewed forth 120,000 words. I have certain rules about what I write there. One rule is that I don’t write messages in my blog for specific people that I don’t tell them otherwise. Otherwise I’d write about how great my dad is, how much I love him, how I think of him every time I pick up a spanner or a saw. Come to think of it, I still haven’t told him about the last one. I’ll tell him right away.

I wonder if people feel the same about their parents. No one’s parents can be as good as mine, surely.

The other day, I almost transgressed that rule. Possibly because my dialogue wasn’t set up properly with the individual concerned. I must work on my dialogues. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about who am I writing this for.

It’s for me firstly, and then for anyone who cares to read. I’m selfish like that.

So perhaps it will sound like teenage angst. What a horrible thought. Let’s see if it does.

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